$250.00 Non Refundable hold the date deposit. However this will be subtracted from your final invoice.


The caterer that you choose must have a class 4 catering license and/or Serve Safe Level 4 Manager certification.

Kitchen & Security Fee

There is minimum kitchen fee of $100 in order for the kitchen to be utilized.  Security is billed at a rate of $25 per hour with a 4 hour minimum.


The caterer that you choose must provide all staffing for your event. (i.e. bussers, servers, bartender, and ect…) The Regency House only provides security and a grounds keeper.

Rental Times:

All functions/hall rentals are for 4 hours maximum, and NO end times past 10pm.  We will allow bridal party in one hour early to eat if arraignments are made with the caterer.

Weddings are allowed cookie drop off and setup times of EITHER 3pm-6pm the day prior to the event if the hall is not being utilized, or from 10am-1pm the day of the event.  The Regency House will notify renter the week of their event which time slot is available.  If more time is needed inquire with staff.

Non wedding functions are allotted a total of 5.5 hours which includes set up, tear down, and clean up time.  If more time is needed inquire with staff.


The hall prohibits the use of glitter, confetti, rice, birdseed, or any similar type products.  Absolutely no taping, taking, or mounting decorations of any kind to interior or exterior walls/fixtures of the facility.